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Access to the Bibracte site

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Whatever your disability or that of the person you are accompanying, the Bibracte team will make sure you have a positive experience.


Tourism and disability

In June 2003, Bibracte Museum was awarded the “Tourisme & Handicap” quality certification for visitors with learning difficulties and hearing impairment. This certification aims to facilitate access to tourist and leisure sites for visitors with disabilities by making the site welcoming and accessible.


For visitors with restricted mobility

The main entrance to the museum is at ground level.
There are three designated disabled parking spaces with a buzzer to request assistance. Wheelchair-friendly toilet facilities are available in the museum. There is a lift to the upper floor with space for four wheelchairs.
Wheelchairs are available on loan for the museum tour.

In the summer, private cars are not admitted to the archaeological site. The shuttle buses to and from the summit are accessible to wheelchair users.


For visitors with a hearing impairment

Bibracte hostesses and guides have received special training.
The audioguide earphones have a volume control. If the audioguide is not appropriate, information is provided in written form on wall panels and exhibit labels on display cases.


For visitors with learning difficulties

The permanent exhibition is diverse and offers an appealing and varied visitor experience.
The main staircase is user-friendly and well-lit.
“Public” and “Private” entrances are clearly marked.
Museum staff have received training to help them look after and include visitors with learning difficulties in the activities and services on offer to them.


For visitors with a visual impairment

The permanent exhibition offers a variety of artefacts and models which can be handled, such as enlarged versions of coins, and models of houses and ramparts.
A large-print document about Bibracte is available on request at the museum reception desk.
A “Bibracte at your fingertips” kit contains replicas of artefacts in the display cases so that visitors can explore them by handling them.
The audioguide commentary does not focus on artefacts in display cases.